Gingerbread at WDW

December 10, 2009

One of my favorite things to do at WDW during the holidays is to go around to the different resorts and see the various gingerbread displays. From the actual gingerbread house inside the Grand Floridian to the smaller displays at the other resorts, it is always fun to see what the chefs at WDW come up with each year. This year marks the 10th anniversary of the gingerbread carousel at the Beach Club Resort. This kinetic display always it at the top of my list of “must sees” when we go at Christmas time. I love looking for the hidden Mickey’s and seeing the gallant horses as they rotate. This year there is the addition of Chip and Dale’s treehouse that also rotates.

This has given us a great idea for this year. Years ago we did a “Pool Hopping” tour and went around to all the pools to test them out. (It was a tie between Wilderness Lodge and the Polynesian for best pool.) This year, since we are going to be there for New Year’s instead of Christmas and it is going to be crazy crowded, we are going to tour the different resorts again, but this time we are going to document the gingerbread displays. (As well as any other cool Christmas displays like the train layout at the Yacht Club Resort.)

The gingerbread at WDW is a great tradition and I hope that there is always gingerbread displays to see each year. One point though, I never buy the gingerbread – it just is not that tasty in my opinion. Of course I am used to eating my great-great grandmother’s gingerbread recipe, so I am a bit biased.


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