Sum of All Thrills

December 4, 2009

Sum of All Thrills is a new attraction/exhibit in Innoventions at EPCOT.   It appears to be very similar to Cyber Space Mountain at DisneyQuest, but it does have some different twists in that you can choose between a roller coaster, bobsled, or jet.

I am very excited to try this out when I journey to WDW in January.   I like the fact that there is now an attraction/exhibit in Innoventions that has repeat value.  I know that I will want to try out all three different “vehicles.”  I also like the fact that you will be able to see your riding partner in a small picture-in-picture in your video screen, that should add an interesting aspect to the ride.   Also the use of the KUKA arms has peaked my interest.  I think that Raytheon (the sponsor) will also get a lot of exposure since this will be a popular attraction if the lines at Cyber Space Mountain are any indication of the projected success of Sum of All Thrills.

My only concern is capacity.  Optimistically the ride can accommodate 190 guests an hour.  That is not very high.  I am hoping that the if the attraction is a huge success that additional arms (there are currently four) will be added.

But on the whole I am excited to see a very interesting and provocative attraction/exhibit going into the rather dull and sedate Innoventions.  Hopefully this will be the trend of the future for this area of EPCOT.


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