Space Mountain Rehab

November 28, 2009

So a major icon of the Magic Kingdom is going to go down for a really long 11 month, much needed rehab.  The public is given tantalizing details about adding the sound system similar to the  Space Mountain in Disneyland and the rebuilding of the tracks – maybe, just maybe making the two tracks into one really long ride.  Well worth the wait in my opinion – take all the time you need!  Space Mountain at WDW is WAY overdue for this rehab.

Then, we get the sad news, it was just a slight cosmetic rehab.  The mountain was down for all that time and all we got was a slightly darker ride, updated queue with some interactive games that are affecting loading, and an updated exit area.  Right.  And we all know that it is going to be at least 10 years before the next rehab.

I am so disappointed.  I would have gladly waited longer to ride Space Mountain with all the promised goodies (sound system and new track).  But I will have to settle for a cosmetic update that while it is “nice” is somehow not as satisfying after the let down of not getting what we were promised.


One Response to “Space Mountain Rehab”

  1. Thomas said

    I can understand why people wanted Space Mountain in Florida to include a lot of the stuff that Space Mountain in California has but, to be honest, Space Mountain at the Magic Kingdom is still the best of all the Space Mountains. I love Disney and I hated that they revamped the ride and changed the look cause it was perfect the way it was. There was a reason why Space Mountain always had one of the longest lines at Disney World and that was because it was such a great ride. I have a huge complaint with Disney getting rid of Alien Encounter and replacing it with the worst ride in history. The theme of Space Mountain was perfect and its a shame that Disney changed such a perfect theme for a perfect ride. The line for the ride was just classic and the music was awesome in the waiting area. I am glad that they replaced the track cause it was old and neede to be replaced cause it was starting to get really rough. After saying all that, I was still happy with the changes they made even though I wish they wouldnt have done it, but they didn’t really change the ride and thats the most important part. We dont need music when we ride rollercoasters. If I want to hear music then I will listen to my ipod but I go to Disney for the awesome rides and not for music. This is still one of the top rides there but since they have changed the look of the ride then I will have to put it at third on my list of favorite rides behind Tower of Terror and Dinosaur.

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