Lights of Winter at EPCOT

November 24, 2009

It is official, the Lights of Winter (LoW) will not be returning to EPCOT this year.  The company’s official line is that the technology is too old and that guests want something new. On the November 11th Orlando Sentinel’s website announcing the retirement of the LoW, 46 pages of complaints were generated – so many that the Sentinel “closed” the article to posters.

I think it is a shame that the Lights of Winter are being pulled. It is very difficult to decorate EPCOT for the holidays. When you look out over World Showcase – it is very difficult to tell the park is decorated – it is so huge that the park just swallows the decorations. The Lights of Winter (along with the tree) were the only two visual elements that actually let you know from a distance that it was holiday time at EPCOT, especially at night. Now there will just be the tree which will look lost.

I can understand wanting to do something different and I can understand wanting a “waiting period” before introducing a new show or attraction, to reduce the comparison factor, BUT, I do think that a new temporary holiday show/attraction could have been introduced somewhere else in the park to bridge the gap.

While I know that the “account-tineers” have taken over Disney as a rule, they need to realize that if their apparent greediness is so transparent to the public that eventually this will hurt the bottom line – oh wait – Disney bean counters are only interested in the here and now not the long term – WHAT WAS I THINKING?


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