Captain EO

November 21, 2009

So, evidently when Michael Jackson died, the Disney Company was going to bring back Captain EO “in tribute” to MJ.  It was all scheduled.  In fact in the lobby of the currently rehabilitating Mr. Lincoln attraction, there is a display all about Captain EO.  But guest do not get to see it, it is draped with a black velvet cloth.

Once the word got out that MJ died not due to natural causes but due to his doctor alledgedly injecting MJ with lethal cocktails, the Disney Company backed off.  The plans for the Captain EO revival are now on the shelf.  The lawyers are nervous!

You know, the Disney Company should not have tried to capitalize on MJ’s death in the first place, so now they wouldn’t be in the position of backpedaling when guests and reporters question when will we see Captain EO again.  Tacky tacky tacky!


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