Starbucks is on every corner – even Main Street, USA

November 17, 2009

Starbucks at Disneyland could be in the near future.  I think this is great and I don’t even drink coffee, actually I detest the stuff.

Since the beginning of Disneyland there have always been corporate sponsors, that is how Walt got his park built.  Over the last couple of decades though, the cachet of being a Disney corporate sponsor has waned and with marketing budgets tightening, there just have not been as many corporations chomping at the bit to be a sponsor at any of the Disney Parks.

Well, in the works right now is a deal that would bring Starbucks into Disneyland.  There would be a trimmed down menu Starbucks on Main Street and Starbucks coffee would become the “official” coffee of all the Disney restaurants and drink outlets.  I was not a a fan of the McDonald’s partnership and I was glad when that went away.  The whole fries cart idea was stupid and since Disney could not bring the fries into every restaurant, it was silly at best.  I do think this partnership will work.  Why? because Starbucks is concerned about the Disney cast members making the coffee to Starbuck standards.  Only if Starbucks can put in safeguards to ensure that Disney cast members are properly trained to be baristas, will the deal go through.  I think this is priceless.  I think this deal will raise the standards a bit at Disneyland and hopefully lead the way to further corporate sponsorships.  Also, it will improve the coffee at Disneyland, which I understand stinks.

I hope this deal will lead the way for Starbucks into all of the Disney parks, domestic and foreign.


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