Disneyland’s Parking Problem – Good Thing DCA was a Dog

November 8, 2009

Disneyland has created their own problem.  With all of the promotions going on, the crowds at Disneyland have created a huge parking problem.  First of all the now parking solution was based on a time when the number of Annual Passholders was under 100,000 and the majority of their attendance was based on non-local guests, who would park their car or come in by shuttle.  Now the number of Annual Passholders numbers over 850,000 and many of them just want to stop by for a few hours before going home.

Thinking that one parking structure would solve all of their parking needs for years to come was incredibly naive at best.  Plus how did they arrive at 4 people per vehicle.  At the most I would have predicted 2.5.

Thanks goodness Disney’s California Adventure (DCA) was a dog of a park.  If WestCOT had been built instead, the locals would have wanted to hang out there with all the restaurants and shopping and then the parking situation would have been much worse.  Now, even though the parking fiasco is bad, Disney has a little bit of time to rectify the problem.  But are they taking the necessary steps?  Yes they have bought some land north of the Pumbaa lot and plans are in the works for a larger parking structure to be built, but is this going to be too little too late?  I think with what the marketing department is doing and planning, it will be.

More on this in my next post.


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